The VKB Group

is a modern, dynamic and leading agricultural enterprise that has, since its establishment almost a century ago, constantly focused on progressively managing solutions for the changing and various needs of agricultural producers and related stakeholders.

As former Farmers’ Co-operative the basic needs for economical inputs, mechanization, handling and marketing of grain, financing and investing were addressed, but in time the vision was extended to also investigate industries as part of the group’s strategies, and to invest where it made business sense. Today the VKB Group as a top agricultural company, proudly boasts an extended network of industries that manages as many as possible of the commodities that are produced within its service region.

The group has a unique incentive model for bona fide agricultural producers who are shareholders within the group. This model, in conjunction with the industrial strategy that attempts to generate cumulative income from the various links in the food value chain to the financial benefit of the shareholders, cultivates a loyal clientele base that forms the foundation for economic sustainability.

Today the VKB Group can be esteemed to be a “house of brands” with a unique composition of brands of companies and products that makes the group one of the leaders in the agricultural environment.

The group is also one of the prominent job suppliers in rural Eastern Free State and rural Limpopo that employs about 4 500 people. The group forms the cornerstone of the rural economy in the Free State and as part of good social citizenship it increasingly invests in initiatives and infrastructure to the benefit of the communities in which it trades. 

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