The Agricultural-Economic Services Division performs the following functions and duties:
• Agricultural-economic studies (Feasibility studies)
• Economic and viability analyses
• Provision of agricultural-economic decision-making norms, models and information (Input and mechanisation cost budgets)
• Production and management efficiency analyses (Withdrawals by the Bureau)
• Lectures on various aspects of agricultural-economics.

Contact details Jaco Heckroodt
(Reitz, Petrus Steyn, Warden, Bethlehem and Harrismith)
Tel: 058 863 8215 
Fax: 086 517 5530 
Cell: 082 423 5804 
EMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Conrad Badenhorst
(Vrede, Memel, Frankfort, Oranjeville and Villiers)
Tel: 087 358 8835 
Fax: 086 293 9354 
Cell: 076 058 4426 
EMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VKB Management Bureau VKB's Management Bureau renders the following vital services:
• A comprehensive VAT and income tax preparation service
• Advice and support by means of technical and financial data analyses and interpretation over time (reports on deviations from the budget to support decision-making in the short term)
• Supply of and training in, the use of software programmes focusing on agriculture.

Contact details  
Salome Davel 
Tel: 058 863 8529 
Fax: 086 519 3221 
Cell: 072 467 7225 
EMail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ann Basson  
Tel: 087 358 8825 
Fax: 086 616 4254 
Cell: 083 659 4669 
EMail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Agricultural software
The Department acts as a dealer in agricultural software to generate management information. The product range of the software houses Software Farm and AfriKlok are sold, installed and supported. The two companies also provide software training.
The product range marketed includes the following computer programs:

  • Simfini: This comprehensive financial record-keeping program enables the user of the program to record financial transactions effectively. This system has the benefit that management information, as well as data on VAT and income tax, can be kept and captured on the system. Farmers also use Simfini for drawing up budgets. Transactions concluded by clients at VKB, a leading agricultural company, NTK, SENWES, GWK, NWK, AFGRI and OVK are captured electronically on Simfini. A further advantage is that financial, management and tax reports are readily available on this system.
  • "Akkoord": "Akkoord" is a human resources management program enabling the user to keep an electronic record of all aspects of human resources management. These include remuneration, leave, disciplinary hearings and contracts. Pay sheets and WVF reports are two of the most important documents that are available on the Accord software program.
  • Saaiplan: It is vital that every farmer use a comprehensive crop-planning model. For this reason, farmers use Saaiplan for crop cultivation and to facilitate record-keeping. This information is available for each crop, field or farm, respectively.
  • Duet: Duet is a fresh-produce marketing program used for keeping a record of fresh produce marketed directly from the farm. The basis of this program is a waybill, which is issued to an agent. Details of sales and deductions are captured against the waybill. All the financial data can be transferred to Simfini electronically. A variety of management and financial reports are available on this system as well.
  • Agrimilk: The Agrimilk program is a management program for dairy herds with the aim of administering multiple herds. Record-keeping of a wide spectrum of activities is done by means of this program.
  • Agribeef: This software program is a management system used for commercial herds and stud cattle. Agribeef is used for administering and managing individual animals forming part of the above kinds of herds.

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