2021 is nearing its end. Another challenging year lies behind us - a year in which the virus still hasn’t lost its grip on us and we still had to live in isolation and behind masks. Time flies by so quickly that one can hardly believe that it’s almost two years that we’ve been living under these uncertain and abnormal circumstances.

Neither can one imagine that it’s almost time to celebrate Christmas. Fortunately Christmas is a wonderful time in the life of most of us.
Christmas offers us time to rest after a long year of hard work which offers us the opportunity to reflect on the past year’s prosperity, adversities, successes and failures. A time to learn lessons from our experiences of the past year so that we can build on the foundations of the positive experiences of the year gone by.

Christmas also gives us a wonderful opportunity to be with our family and loved ones. We get so carried away by the demands of the fast moving environment in which we live that we do not spend enough time with the people we love, until it is too late and those opportunities are gone forever. This year we particularly think of those families, colleagues and friends who will be spending Christmas without a loved one for the first time.
May we also during this time, reflect on the blessings in our lives. We take so many things for granted until it’s not there anymore. When we look around us, we have so much to be grateful for. We’ll see people who have so much less than us, yet they are very happy people, purely because they focus on the positives in their lives and because they enjoy intrinsic peace.

Most importantly, Christmas is an opportunity to reflect on our Spiritual life. A time, in which we must accept the greatest give of all with gratitude, namely the Eternal Life that Jesus Christ made possible for all of us by dying on the Cross.
May Christmas 2021 be a true Christ feast and a blessed Christmas for each one of VKB’s people.

Christmas also means another year has gone by. From a business point of view, 2021 was a challenging year where we’ve adjusted better to the uncertainties. A year in which most of VKB’s people once again gave their utmost best for the company in spite of many challenges. For that we want to thank each one of them and to acknowledge the exceptional contributions they delivered on his or her field.
Agricultural producers are the core around which our business revolves. The core reason for VKB’s existence. We want to thank our producers for their loyal support the past year and in the new year we will strive to improve on all levels with the services we render to you.

We also want to thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings He bestowed upon our business and over our people in this past year. For many businesses this was an extremely difficult year and many did not survive these abnormal circumstances. We are deep into our financial year and it is with great gratitude that we can tell you that it is a very good year for VKB.
I wish each and every one of you and your loved ones all the best for 2022. May this be a wonderful and prosperous year for VKB and all its interested parties.

Koos Janse van Rensburg
Managing director VKB

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