4 June 2021
Dear Producers and VKB Staff


After a thorough and meticulous recruitment process, the Board of Directors of VKB Beleggings (Pty) Ltd is delighted to announce that PG Strauss has been appointed as Managing Director: VKB Landbou (Pty) Ltd (“VKB Landbou”).
PG will join the VKB Group on 2 August 2021. He will be responsible for leading VKB Landbou to a next level, and building on the solid and strongly established foundation and momentum that the VKB Landbou team has built under the current Executive Directors’ leadership.
PG Strauss, as Managing Director: VKB Landbou, will report to Mr Koos Janse van Rensburg, Managing Director of the VKB Group, together with Sas Kasselman, Managing Director: VKB Agri Processors (Pty) Ltd, and Markus Mittermaier, Executive Director: Finance VKB Group.
PG Strauss has a passion for people and an illustrious history of creating highly successful teams, which will ideally fit him within the strong and healthy culture of the VKB Group. PG also has excellent business experience and knowledge, and strives to take VKB Landbou to the next level of growth. He brings a mixture of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical knowledge, innovative and analytical thinking, and a passion for customer service to the VKB Group. He has the drive to achieve excellence, to contribute substantially to the success of staff, to constantly strategise about the future of the agricultural industry, and to initiate and guide change to achieve unsurpassed results, whilst stimulating continuous learning and growth among staff to further develop our own talent for the future.
PG’s career kicked off in the banking industry where he was part of the Absa Group from 2001 to 2007. In 2009, PG completed his Doctorate at the University of Missouri, USA, and whilst living in the United States, he gained valuable experience and knowledge in International Agriculture. In 2009 he started a new career in the procurement, manufacturing and value supply chain at SABMiller and was later promoted to a Management Function with global responsibilities. In 2013 he joined the VKB Group and was appointed Managing Director: Free State Oil (Pty) Ltd and VKB Seed (Pty) Ltd, both subsidiaries of the VKB Group.
In 2016, new opportunities crossed PG’s path and he decided to farm full-time and establish two new businesses, both of which are extremely successful. Apart from PG’s business interests, he also serves as non-executive director on the Board of Directors of VKB Agri Processors (Pty) Ltd.
The Board is excited to welcome PG as part of the VKB team. We wish him well in his new position and are confident that he will make a most successful contribution to the progress and success of the VKB Lanbdou Group.
Yours sincerely,
Mr Paul Carshagen
Chairman of the Board of Directors: VKB Beleggings (Pty) Ltd

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