VKB MILLING (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of VKB Agri Processors (Pty) Ltd, who owns 100% of the shares. The mill in Mokopane was part of NTK Landbou (Pty) Ltd, but after the amalgamation of VKB and NTK in 2015, it was operated as a separate entity, i.e. VKB Milling (Pty) Ltd.

With drastic growth in the demand for the well-known Magnifisan maize meal and strategic expansion, the plant in Louis Trichardt was obtained in 2016 and the Lydenburg mill in 2017 as part of the strategy to be more involved in the value chain. The total capacity of the three mills is about 240 000 tonnes per year. A small mill is also operated in Frankfort in the Free State, where sifted meal is produced, while the other mills produce Super and Special meal. Chop is the residue product obtained from the milling process and is used for animal feed to utilize the final component of the maize.

The primary purpose of the company is to get more involved in the value chain by means of food processing in order to contribute to the country’s food security and also to provide a reasonable profit for the shareholder.
The unconventional orange bag with a clown as brand or trademark became a sought after item in many households. The quality of the product has always been the strong foundation on which it was built, while it is readily available at various points in Limpopo and surrounding areas. It is currently also distributed to clients within the Free State by the VKB network.

The company provides jobs to about 400 staff members and operates 15 depots from where the meal is sold. The exchange scheme is very popular, which allows clients to deliver maize at one of the mills in exchange for meal.
“It’s magic” is this brand’s slogan, and it truly is something to experience!


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