Eastern Free State adding value to its soya beans

Free State Oil is a soya bean processor located in Villiers in the Eastern Free State.
Our focus is on the production of high-quality defatted soya bean oilcake, oil and hulls with the emphasis on consistency and reliability.

Of these three products, oilcake yields almost 75% of from a soya bean, and contrary to belief, is the star of show when it comes to soya bean crushing. Soya bean oilcake is used in food but is primarily consumed as a protein supplement in animal feed. Soya bean oilcake is the most widely used protein-meal feed additive worldwide.
Soya bean oil is being used in animal feeds and can be further refined from a crude product to an edible product, where it then becomes one of the most widely consumed cooking oils and the second most consumed vegetable oil worldwide.

Soya bean hulls have a high nutritive value for ruminants, and they are a highly digestible fiber source.
Our value-added approach to each and every customer is supported by diverse price risk hedging strategies, product delivery and bagging.
Free State Oil brings forward the expertise of a diverse team, which is enhanced by being part of a fully integrated value chain and is a proud subsidiary of the VKB Group.


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