VKB Flour Mills (Pty) Ltd


The flour mill in Frankfort now belongs 100% to the VKB Group after a 30% share was bought from Louis Dreyfus Commodities Africa (Pty) Ltd in April 2018. This mill produces cake flour, white and brown bread flour and bran.

The company also owns a number of bakeries in various provinces. Flour for these bakeries is supplied by Frankfort Flour Mills.

The mill was started on a farm in the Eastern Free State some 20 years ago and was running on a small-scale. Currently, the mill has a capacity of 120 000 tons per year.

In order to comply with quality standards regarding flour, as prescribed by law and required by customers, VKB Flour Mills ensures that the best quality wheat is bought. The flour is tested in various stages of the production line by taking representative samples and testing it in the laboratory.

The strong focus on producing the required quality for clients has contributed to the fact that the company has progressed to the level of contracting national clients. The aim of the bakery is to supply the public with healthy bread with a natural taste at a decent price and a long shelf life. In doing so, further value is unlocked in the wheat value chain. This is done by using the newest technology and quality flour which is fortified according to legal regulations.

Tel: 058 813 1567